About Malta

The Jewel of the Mediterranean

The Island of Malta is a well-known destination for those seeking the sun all year round, with over 300 sunny days per year and 3,000 hours of sun!

What many people tend to forget is that Malta offers so much more than just a fantastic climate. Malta is commonly referred to as the jewel of the Mediterranean, due to its sunny climate, rich history, fantastic beaches and warm friendly inhabitants.

Malta has been inhabited since 5000 BC making it one of the oldest civilisations, and boasts the oldest free-standing temples in the world.

It’s vast history has seen it conquered or ruled by important empires such as Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, French and the British. All have left their mark on this tiny but strategically important country, which is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. This is what makes Malta so welcoming, diverse and interesting to almost all who visit it.

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