Being a small island, you would assume that it would be very easy to get around Malta, however that is not always the case, as Malta’s roads are very congested. Malta has one of the highest motor vehicles to person ratios, ranking 8th highest in the world!

An easy way to get around is by car which allows you the freedom to explore the island when and how you want to. Driving in Malta will be familiar to the British because they drive on the left-hand side of the road. As with any densely populated locality, you will find the driving very stop-start and you will also need to be more aware of others around you. Car rentals are very affordable, but make sure you find the right dealer and read the Terms and Conditions.

The buses in Malta come under a lot of criticism because they are overcrowded and rarely on time, however they are very affordable and have over 80 different routes servicing the island.

Taxies are another way to get around in Malta, and the guys over at ecabs are very professional and punctual.