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Popeye Village Malta; Family fun for sea dogs and sailors!

Pack some extra spinach…

…because in the stellar and sun-washed Mediterranean sea, there lies on the magnificent island of Malta, Popeye’s Village! Constructed as the primary setting for Sweethaven in the 1980 film Popeye starring the late Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall, the set itself is open for adventurous sailors to come and explore the charming and elaborate set. The wondrous site draws inspiration from both the more contemporary film and the classic comic strip and cartoon show drawn by E.C. Segar. Popeye’s Village has a ton of different activities and events and certainly enough hamburgers to satisfy even Wimpy’s appetite!

Today the set for the 1980 film is open as a fun park seven days a week and hosts a score of different attractions. This park is family-friendly and will make new fans of the classic comic strip with rides, attractions, shows featuring the beloved characters themselves, museums and even playhouses around the Village where young and old can feel free to play and climb. If you weren’t sold on the climbable scenery, come and see the set props and costumes used in the 1980 film. For those who have their sea legs, a boat ride around the pristine, aqua blue bay can be enjoyed as well. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures because this boat ride provides more than enough keen sights of the bay and the Village with its beautiful buildings and coastline. Any time of the year is perfect for visiting Popeye Village at Anchor Bay in Malta. Different seasonal events and activities take place all year round and will make your trip memorable and unique.

Performances and shows

Some choice shows and performances are also featured at Popeye Village, and have fun for the whole family! Each show is interactive and stars the beloved characters from the comic series and film, including Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl and Wimpy, just to name a few. Some of the performances include:

The puppet show: Starring an all-star cast of the Popeye gang as well as the main puppeteer. This performance is great for young children due to its interactive nature.

Figaro, the barber, is also ready to put on a show singing along to classical scores and trying out some avant-garde hairstyles!

The Jerry Springer Show is Sweethaven’s take on the American daytime TV “reality” program. Two members of the audience get to join in the fun!

The ingenious Doctor Graves also selects a member of the audience to be the guinea pig for another one of his mind-blowing experimentations with some dazzling results.

And the performance, not top pass up, is certainly Popeye and his Friends featuring all the performers and great music, songs, choreographed dances and an all-around performance that is “strong to the finish ‘cause they all eats they spinach”.

I am what I am!

Whether you are a salty sea dog or just in it for the fun and adventure, the Popeye Village at Anchor Bay in Malta is an amazing, unique and fun way to spend holiday or explore with your family. And, of course, don’t forget to eat your spinach before go!

The Saluting Battery

A row of cannons may not be what many think of as a vacation destination! But the Saluting Battery at Valletta is a famous and incredible site to enjoy.

The Saluting Battery is mainly used for ceremonial gun salutes these days, but these guns were ready for combat at one point in time!

In 1565, during the Great Siege of Malta, forces from the Ottoman Empire attacked the island. Famous for their gunpowder and cannon technology, the Ottoman forces built a battery near the modern Saluting Battery. When the siege was lifted, and the Ottoman forces were expelled, the area remained a ground for artillery. The Order of Saint John decided to construct a battery around the same spot, capitalizing on the higher ground that overlooked the Grand Harbor.

The Saluting Battery would see action again both as weaponry and for ceremonial purposes until the 1960s when the Saluting Battery was transferred from the British Royal Navy’s control to the civilian government of Malta, where the Baraka and the area around the Saluting Battery were all converted into a garden.

Those hoping to see a real gun show at the Saluting Battery show up at 1200 and 1600. You will experience the rallying roar of the Saluting Battery giving the royal salute! And for those wanting to dive deeper into these big guns’ history, take a stroll through the accompanying museum. The Saluting Battery’s stately might and the exquisite panorama of the harbour are experiences not to pass up on, so come and give these impressive weapons the salutations they deserve!

Malta National Aquarium

Visiting the Malta aquarium is a fun activity for all ages - young and old. The aquarium is a new, modern and welcome addition to the Island of Malta. The aquarium in Malta is located to the North of the Island in the tourist resort of Qawra.

There are about 52 tanks with 250 species of sea creatures. You will find different zones, each with a different decoration that fits the animals you find there. For those interested in facts, QR codes can be scanned with your smartphone at each tank or zone. You can read about each animal species, where they come from and how endangered they are.

In the aquarium, you will also find a kind of underwater tunnel, with which you can see sharks, fish, rays and much more as if you were walking on the bottom of the sea.

After the tour, you can visit their large souvenir shop with stuffed animals, posters, magnets and more. Outside the aquarium, you will find a large playground for children, a café with ice creams and drinks, and even a restaurant.

Ticket prices are €14.90 for adults, €7.90 for children and €11.90 for seniors. You can buy tickets online and also get super discounts. At the moment you can get 20% discounts on the ticket price. Click the below link to get your discount now.