Malta has some fantastic beaches that you can visit whilst on holiday. The island also has the most beautiful, crystal-clear water you will likely find throughout Europe. There are 12 beaches in Malta that are certified by the highly rated Blue Flag program, which you can find out more about HERE. Most of the beaches in Malta are rocky; however, there are a few excellent sandy beaches that should keep you busy. These are mainly located in the North of the Island. In this post, we will explore Malta's top five sandy beaches.

5 - Gnejna Bay

This bay is Malta's best-kept secret because it is very rural and hard to get to by public transport. Therefore it is not very popular with tourists because it's harder to get to. Still, it's well worth the visit for the more adventurous. This sandy beach is the only one out of the top five sandy beaches in Malta that is not Blue Flag certified.

The beach is of medium size and has relatively shallow waters making it ideal for families. An added bonus is that it also has a rocky section on the right from which you can jump into the deeper water. So you really can have your cake and eat it!


  • It's less crowded than other sandy beaches in Malta

  • Very scenic and rural location

  • It's family-friendly

  • Has a rocky section


  • Poor public transport connections

4 - Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay or Ramla il-Hamra, as referred to by the locals, is a medium-sized red sandy beach on the Island of Gozo. The beach is quite secluded and is situated in a very rural area which really adds to its charm. Once there you will find almost all the facilities one would expect from a good beach such as cafes, toilets, sunbeds, sunshades etc. The beach itself is a Blue Flag beach, so there is also a lifeguard stationed there, making it very family-friendly. The water is crystal clear and quite shallow, whilst the sea bed is mostly sandy, certain areas can be quite pebbly. If you like exploring, then we would recommend taking a short hike to see Tal-Mixta cave which is located to the right of the bay. The location offers some breathtaking views of the surrounding area.


  • Beautiful scenic surroundings

  • Plenty of facilities

  • Family-friendly

  • Shallow water


  • Parking can be a problem

  • If you are staying in Malta, it can be quite a trek to get there

  • The seabed is pebbly in places

3 - Golden Bay

Golden Bay is one of Malta's most popular beaches and can be found in a very rural area of Malta. Towering cliffs surround the beach on both sides, and along with the natural habit, make it an idyllic setting. There is a 5-star hotel overlooking the beach on the right. This beach is a firm favourite with the locals because of the extensive range of amenities it offers. The beach itself is quite large, with crystal clear water, although from time to time, the water can get murky due to the strong winds that form on this side of the island. The sea here is also known for its strong undercurrents, but this is mainly in the autumn/winter months. Since this is a Blue Flag beach you will find lifeguards stationed here in the summer months.


  • Lots of facilities including wifi

  • Family-friendly

  • Rural surrounding's

  • Good transport links


  • Can get quite crowded

  • Known for strong undercurrents

  • Water can get murky

2 - Ghajn Tuffieha (Riviera)

Ghajn Tuffieha (Riviera) is a fantastic large sandy beach surrounded by cliffs and sand dunes. It is situated right next to Golden Sands. It's not as popular as the latter because it has very steep, long stairs to get to it. The trek to get there is well worth it as the beach is sandy, shallow and has fantastic crystal clear waters. There are far fewer amenities here than in Golden Bay, but it does have a very chilled-out bar! The area also offers some impressive views, and you can have an excellent time just wandering around the natural habit that is in abundance here.


  • Less crowded

  • Parking close by

  • Shallow water

  • Beautiful natural surroundings


  • A long flight of steps to get to the beach

  • Strong undercurrents are known here

  • Fewer facilities than other sandy beaches

1 - Mellieha Bay (Ghadira)

Mellieha Bay is situated in the more rural north of Malta and is regarded as the best beach in Malta. The bay itself has three medium-sized sandy beaches with rocky/concrete sections in between them. There are plenty of kiosks, restaurants, and amenities around. All three beaches are sandy, shallow, and the water is crystal clear. The water is quite shallow, and you can wade out for several minutes before the water touches your chin. If you are a beachgoer type of person, then I would highly recommend finding accommodation around Mellieha so you can visit the beach daily. The only negative is that it can get jam-packed in the summer, but if that doesn't bother you, then you are in for a treat!


  • Largest sandy beach in Malta

  • Lots of kiosks and restaurants

  • Very family-friendly

  • Water extremely shallow

  • Good public transport links


  • Can get very busy on the weekend

  • Parking can be a problem on the weekend